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Biography of CV

My name is CV and I’ve been into music for as long as I can remember. In fact as long as others can remember, because I actually started long before I started keeping track.  I’ve played several instruments in my life, using music as a universal method of communication.  I’ve played, violin, saxophone, clarinet, and still play piano/keyboards.  So music’s harmonic notes have embedded themselves into my daily world and events.  If you ask me, what style of music do I play? I would be slow to answer, because the definition is tightly wrapped into soul, R&B, gospel, contemporary gospel, funk, and jazz. Yeh, I think that covers it (lol). I currently work with two boards, Yamaha Motif XS6 and the Korg Triton LE, operating through a Mackie board and recording software.  I have captured a great ability to write lyric’s as well as compose songs in there entirety.

I played live in many different arena’s, such as church, funk band, and private engagements throughout my career.  WWW.CVMUSICPRO.COM  is a website concept which we have developed, not only to showcase and market my creations in music and sound through links which can be purchased , but to also create a window for other musician to showcase and market there creations free of charge. (all music / lyrics will be reviewed before release as well as other contractual agreements) One of our goals is to design a depot for all musician around the world, one which record companies can tune in and listen to the latest and greatest new talent(s).  We have links to face book and look forward to linking with ITUNES in the near future. We feel these social media’s will help launch the exposure needed to become recognized on the world stage.
Thanks for taking a moment out and reading my words,



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